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The Hemodynamics Card (New!)

Quick lab values on the go. 

  • Arterial line pressure, zeroing, damping, readings, and abnormalities.

  • CVP, RV, RAP, and Wedge pressure readings in shock states.

  • Pulmonary artery catheter reference with waveforms and port access.

The Ventilator Card

Quick ventilator settings on the go.

  • Ideal body weight based on the height and sex of the patient.

  • Acid-Base references for proper correction of metabolic and respiratory acidosis

  • Oxygenation strategies for PEEP, FiO2, and inspiratory time.

The Lab Card

Quick lab values on the go. 

  • Acid-Base interpretation, including SID, Anion Gap, GOLDMARK, and ABG/VBG.

  • Basic Metabolic Panel and Complete Blood Count with differential.

  • Coags, Renal, Liver, Cardiac, and other common miscellaneous values

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