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Darren Figgis

Just want to say a HUGE "Thank-you" for the amazing airway and respiratory content as part of the F3 F5 Refresher. You guys have broken down so many essential steps into easily digestible nuggets of information, that have really stuck with me. Despite being a paramedic for 20 years (this year) I have never been taught in a way that's as stimulating, and is changing my practice at the same time. 

Thanks so much! FOAMFrat Rocks!

Daniel Troyer

Foamfrat has transformed the way I see con ed. I signed up because I needed additional hours for my National Registry recert, but it wasn't long until I found myself coming back not just for the hours, but for the valuable content. As a science major, I love the emphasis on physiology and on the underlying "why" of treatments. The live sessions are engaging, and the breadth of the prerecorded content means there's something there for everyone. Whether you're wanting a better understanding of acid-base disorders or ventilator management, or you just need a refresher on the basics, Foamfrat will help you maximize your potential as a medic. It's been worth every dime.

Logan Mercer

I just subscribed a few days ago and have just now started the first few lessons. It is MUCH more engaging than the usual CE material I am accustomed to and I am actually excited to get on and following through the program. Keep up the great work!! Looking forward to the live review!


Kelly Kohler

I love FOAMfrat! Tyler and Sam are fantastic educators that make topics come alive.  I don't even need any more CME's but I still do the live classes to keep the topics fresh.  I also use the asynchronous learning when I want to brush up on a topic before I have to teach.  I highly recommend these classes.

Zachary Warren

You guys are hilarious, I’m working thorough some modules today. With that being said, this is the best refresher by far I’ve had. Easy to follow along, great tips and some things I’ve never seen before that make a lot of sense!

Katherine Kaufmann

I love your content.  I don’t understand why they never discussed subjects in this way in medic school.  Your content puts other continuing ed to shame.  I especially appreciate the subjects on airway management.  One company I work for has discussed losing intubation as a skill due to poor success rates.  The other company has taken away DL and is now VL only due to poor success rates with DL.  I think if they did airway education like foam frat, they may have better results.

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Frequently asked question

1. General FAQs

All levels of providers?

Is it all pre-recorded or is there live content as well? 

Is the course accredited for EMS and Nursing? 

2. NREMT + State FAQs

Does FOAMfrat communicate with the NREMT? 

I've failed the NREMT three times - can I use this course as my refresher? 

Does FOAMfrat communicate with my state?

3. Membership FAQs

How long do I get access to the content? 

Why should I choose your course? 

How many hours are in the library?

The number of hours is always increasing, since we write and record new content every month. The best way to get an accurate number of hours we offer is to do our free membership and look at the classes for yourself. However, here is an approximation which is accurate from the beginning of October 2020:


Airway / Respiratory / Ventilation: 12 hours of recorded classes, and 18 different live classes that we cycle through.


Cardiovascular: 16 hours of recorded classes, and 26 different live classes that we cycle through.


Trauma: 12 hours of recorded classes, and 20 different live classes that we cycle through.


Medical (included peds and OB/GYN: 20 hours of recorded classes, and 36 different live classes that we cycle through.


Operations: 10 hours of recorded classes, and 10 different live classes that we cycle through.


Critical Care: 12 hours of recorded classes (there may be 24 by the time you're reading this) and 12 different live classes that we cycle through. There are also classes in the other sections that people count as critical care, such as the 'trauma ventilation' class in the trauma section, or the introduction to lab values class in the medical section. Check out the free membership for a list of the critical care classes that we're adding before the end of 2020. 


This makes a little over 80 hours of recorded content and over 100 different hours of live content that we cycle through at different times. Don't worry, you don't need to do all the classes. You can process a CE for each class individually, which means you can do as much or as little as you would like. Again, doing our trail membership and getting some free CE will give you a much better idea of how this course works - it's actually very easy to navigate and figure out once you get inside the members area. To get access to the free membership just do to the top of the home page and fill the form out, you'll get login information emailed to you. 


All certificates communicate with NREMT and allow ease of transfer after completion. Students maintain access to all the above for one year from the day of purchase.  All hours are awarded via Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) for EMS providers as well as the ENA and KBN for nursing providers.

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