The Team

Adam LaChappelle


Adam specializes in simulation, and once went on a diet where all he ate was potatoes. 

Austin Quillet

Educator & Storyboard Artist

Student, life-long learner, whiskey lover, and gosh darnit people like me.

Brian King

Educator & Animator

Lover of nachos. Consumer of FOAM. Relentlessly pursuing the unobtainable goal of clinical perfection. Brian is the creator of the FOAMfrat Flash monthly animated series.

Bruce Hoffman

FlightbridgeED Representative

Bruce Hoffman is the hub of the FlightbridgeED wheel. FOAMfrat is proud to call him a friend and partner.

Courtney Graham

Educator & Storyboard Artist

What do you get when you cross a hardworking paramedic, artist, and future med student? Courtney Graham has been a huge asset to the team!

Eric Bauer

Partner & Director of Sales

Voice of the FlightBridgeED podcast, and huge influence on FOAMfrat. We're very happy to have Eric on our team!

Havanah Christifulli

Accounts Manager

Mom x 3 and official sticker distributor. Her preferred form of communication is email - "So you don't hear my kids killing each other in the background."

Jace Mullen

Educator & Blogger

Mostly tweeting from 7/11 parking lots. Philosophy Major turned Paramedic.


Jared Patterson

Educator & Animator

Immature workplace comedian 😋, heavy metal lover🤘🏼😝🤘🏼, EMS education nerd. Finds flight medicine pretty darn rad! 



Jay Nance

Educator / Software & Web Development

Nationally registered paramedic who holds certifications in flight and critical care. He has a passion for education, career progression, human factors, and performance improvement. Master at writing a boring bio.

Kristin Ireland

On-boarding Manager

As clinicians enroll in our library, Kristin helps get them on-boarded and set on the proper learning path. Kristin is a RRT, EMT, and master griller.

Mike Brown


Mike is a Gemini who is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. His bio is generally released as a 3 part series.

Natalie Zink


Recovering night-shifter, Backstreet Boys aficionado, and Wonder Woman enthusiast.

Sam Ireland

Partner & Project and Finance Director

Co-Founder of FOAMfrat, paramedic. Wants to make medical video games and movies instead of lectures.

Tom Latosek


Tom  Latosek:

   Ya know, like the whole lifelong student, educator, resuscitation enthusiast, soon to be physician etc etc 

Tyler Christifulli

Partner & Director of Creative Development

Co-Founder of 𝗙𝗢𝗔𝗠𝗳𝗿𝗮𝘁. Husband and Father of 👶👧 👶🏻, bourbon aficionado. 🚁Paramedic and wannabe Intensivist. Enthusiastic generalist. Pixar addict...

Willem Milo

Educator & Concept Artist

Dad of 2, hubby of 1. Firefighter since 2000, Paramedic. EMS Division Chief/Educator/Artist.

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